3 Inspirational Books That Will Keep You Going In 2018

Life can be really tough at times and you feel like giving up on your dreams and goals but what keeps you going is what you believe in and what you keep in your heart.

Personally, I get inspired from reading motivational books that can transform my life. This is the beginning of a new year and January  is over and obviously a lot of us have set some goals and listed out things we would want to achieve this year.

Everyone at some point get so stressed out and they are unable to handle pressure from all around, so what are the best possible solutions you can use in handling these pressures.

Recently, I stumbled upon some really inspiring books recommended by my friend, that spurred me to take actions wherever depression sets in.

All of these books are great and proven to be useful for self improvement.

 The whole concept of human existence was expressed using in experience in different concentration camps.You will be able to relate to it on a personal note.

 Dr. Viktor E. Frankl was a long time prisoner in various concentration camps. There he was stripped of his feeling of existence. Everyone in his family,  was killed except his sister who unfortunately died in these concentration camps. He went many days without eating or sleeping, in brutally freezing temperatures.  He wrote about how he tackled every challenged he faced while in the concentration camp. He expressed his deep feelings about human existence.
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This book is about relationship and dating advice.  As a man you can't go wrong reading this book. It is insightful and has applicable life experience and great advice. As a man you can't go wrong reading this book. It has excellent advice. 

What I appreciate most about this book is the author's advice for men 
to be more humorous. A man who is witty and funny is less likely to have to deal
with an angry woman. This book is open and honest. Bruce Bryans talked about handling  the state of being honest and venerable.
The book is an honest look at relationships dynamics and taking a leadership role in a relationship with a partner and can be directly applied in life in general.

This book will change your perspective on taking care of yourself so you can ultimately become a person of substance rather than a self sacrificial tool. You think you are not a "Mr, Nice Guy"? Then think again.
 The author really helps us see what's at the root of our niceness, and more importantly, how to overcome it.

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