Sleeping Naked Or Wearing Pj's To Sleep. Which Do You Prefer?


How A Friend Made Me Do This Post.

Cathy, my crazy friend had called me earlier today to crash at my place. She need to attend a  meeting the following day since the venue was closer to my house. So, I agreed and she said she will be arriving by 9.00 pm. 
At exactly 9:00 pm she arrived at my house, she didn't wait for me to welcome her as a guest but just went straight to my kitchen and dished out food. After, a few chit-chat it was time for us to sleep and voila! My girlfriend was already in her "birthday suit", she was naked and wasn't shy about it.

I was so shocked and asked if she didn't come with any pyjamas, she responded saying "I love to breath properly, I can't go killing myself with some damn clothes".

I couldn't say anything, she just looked at me and jumped into the bed asking me to please turn off the light.

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Out of curiosity, I went  back to my computer to do research on sleeping naked. Crazy right? I know, I am a very inquisitive person.  so, here are my findings:

The Importance of Sleeping Naked.

  • The Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked:
  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • Helps to improve blood circulations which is healthy for your heart and muscles. When you sleep wearing a tight elastic band waist, which is usually associated with pyjamas or for some of us who gets too tired after a stressful day, just jumps on the bed wearing jeans can result in improper blood circulation and cramps. You will be a lot happier if those night wears are off. Let it go friends! allowing air into your body.
  • For Married Couples, it allow for skin to skin contacts, this helps in intimacy.
  • Sleeping naked, balances your melatonin and growth hormones which has a good anti aging benefits.
  • It lowers your skin temperature which is healthy for you and it reduces the number of times you wake up at nights.
  • It's much easier. Wearing cloths of taking them off which do you think is easier? You don't have to worry about washing much cloths or buying PJs.
  • You have no excuse of going to work late cause you don't have to think or worry about taking those cloths off.
  • It lowers the risk of skin rashes, athlete foot and virginal infections associated with moist environment. It allows your skin to breath.

I  just outlined the benefits of sleeping naked: so, which do you prefer, naked or wearing PJ's?
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