Procrastination : The Silent Waster

        Putting off what you can do now until another time is a common phenomenon with every human. I am supposed to do this right now but i think it is better I do it later so says the procrastinator.
 Procrastination is very familiar with a lot of people, they repeatedly say they will do a particular thing at a particular time but never get to do it at the said time.
 I remembered the first time I started writing my first book I JUST GOT DUMPED, WHAT DO I DO? It took me 3 whole days to get started. I just couldn't find good reasons to start until I finally got the self motivation to start. I had no clue of how or where to begin but I just did it any way.

 Why Do We Procrastinate?

We procrastinate  due to some experiences we have had or due to the pressure and challenges we face in our day to day lives. Enlisted below are some  reasons we procrastinate.

  • Fear of physical pain:
You probably have planned on losing weight but you are afraid of going to the gym or even starting a routine exercise because you cannot bear to go through those pains. But you admire those celebrities with killer curves and abs and you forget that they go through a lot to keep fit. So if you really want to loose those pounds,  you need to start now.

  • Fear of Rejection: Nobody likes being rejected but you still need to ask anyways.
  • Fear of Failure: Not doing anything is same thing as failing so why don't you start anyways.
  • Feeling overwhelmed over a particular thing before even starting to do it.

 Some Common Things We Procrastinate.

  • Paying for Your monthly bills. It seems like a daunting task until you get cut off or sanctioned.
  • Cleaning up the house.
  • Writing that book or project
  • Exercises instead we see 101 reasons why we shouldn't start.
  • Get your car maintenance done.
  • Going to see the doctor for your regular checkups.
  • Spending more family time with your spouse/kids and friends.
  • Apologizing to some one who hurt you until its too late.
(you can add more to the list here)

 Four Ways How To Overcome Procrastination.

1. Self Realization: For something to be a problem, you must observe and admit it as a problem. That is the first step to solving the problem. You should have observed a certain pattern, you use to postpone that task to the following day. Cautiously observe the pattern in which you try to push that task forward.

2. Deliberately Take An Action; Think about what what you will be doing in the morning, take a few minutes to write them down. Don't start your day checking for the next big news on social media it is a distraction and takes about 1-2 hours of your productive time in the morning.

3. Be Focused:   Stay  focused on one task at a time for a couple of days or weeks and check your productivity level. Staying on a  particular task at a time will greatly increase your effectiveness with the most important things. Prioritize your task and stick with the plan. If you are trying to loose weight, start with the basis first. Don't go running 100 miles when you can start with just 10. Hope you the point?

4.Break the Task into smaller bits if it is overwhelmingly too much for you.

I hope this helps. Please share it to a friend who needs it.



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