Influencer of The Week; Kechi Okwuchi

Hello Friends!
Welcome to our first Influencer of the week!
But before I give you a brief story about the influencer of the week, I want you to sincerely answer this question.
What is one thing you hate about your self that has restricted you from pursuing your dreams?
Could it be your height, weight, skin color, you stuttering when you speak, you have a low self esteem? What is that restricting factor that made you gave up?
 I love everything about me except for one thing which I detested, this physical challenge has kept me all bottled up most times, I most times always spend my days either studying or being alone  because I don't want anyone making fun of me.
 Have got a perfect body shape and skin but I have some tribal marks on my face, which had been a restricting factor for my pursuit into the entertainment industry. But after doing a thorough research on MISS KECHI OKWUCHI, I got my confidence back.

photo credits: Kechi Instagram handle.

There is nothing like Impossibility, If you are determined.

Kechi, must have had the most horrible childhood experience on 10th December, 2005. It would have been the end of her but she survived it. She didn't see it coming but it just happened, Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 (SO1145/OSL1145) which was supposed to land in PHC (portharcourt, Nigeria) crashed and she was one of the two persons who survived it. She survived it with a big scar as shown in the picture below.

This sure did have a great psychological effect on her but she was not going to allow one incident stop her from shining like a star that she is. Kechi had her first degree in She obtained a degree in University of Thomas in Houston, Texas. She further  contested for the famous American Got Talent show.  Although, she didn't win the contest but she is a winner to me.

So, what is your excuse for not pursuing your goals? It has got nothing to do with your physique, it has everything to do with your determination to succeed.
 Will you still keep looking for 101 excuses to not start now, maybe you are thinking you are too old to start chasing your dreams but I have an advice for you, since you are still breathing, you have no excuse. So see beyond your short comings and focus on your strength and ability.

Never forgetting this that God's got your back, all you need is to start with those baby steps of faith.
Ypu can follow her on instagram @kechi_agt

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