How To Solve The Problem of Information Overload.

Two decades back, information has been never at our fingertips. We had to go through rigorous research to get what we wanted, but time has changed due to the advancement of technology. Everywhere you turned seems to bring you one information piece or the other.
In this digital age we have information at our finger tips 24/7, but in reality the majority of what we  absorb are trending news, negativity and any viral news which we cannot utilize for the future.

A few days back, I had done a thorough survey of the kind of information  I absorbed, It took me  a whole lot of time to realize that I was spending valuable time in irrelevant information that was not directing me towards my goals.

 A few years ago I picked interest in learning website design and I had a lot of resources available at my finger tips.

Tackling Information Overload, from endless youtube videos, to blog post and all other available information medium.
 So, what am I driving at, the endless streaming of videos, constant checking of notifications on your social media handles, how does it impact our daily lives?

 Some Major Causes of Information Overload And How To Tackle Them.

Obviously the major cause of information overload originates from modern technology. We have huge volumes of new information being constantly created and its with us all the time. The exponential increase in channels to receive information by; radio, television, and the incessant spreading of different trends online.

Tackling Information Overload
Filter  The Information You Receive: Filter what you choose to absorb in, whether on your social media or on search engines. The information you receive should be relevant and valuable.
Assign responsibilities to different members if you are a leader of a team. Don't assume you know it all and give room for creativity.
Learn to skim and put a check on your social media handles. You can't go reading every thing you see on social media. Its time consuming and most of the information you get there are just junks. 
When next you are thinking of reading a blog post, or news articles, ask yourself this question.
 Is this one of the small number of things that adds a significant amount of value to my life?


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