How Often Do You Change Your Bedsheets?

This may sound weird or outrightly stupid but its important to know the health benefits of the seemingly little insignificant things like your bedsheets.
Naturally, when we sleep our bodies sheds dead skin cells whether we shower before sleeping or not. The body also secretes natural oils and obviously sweats which usually increases during summer/ dry season.

Not ruling out beauty products, lotions and any other thing you use before climbing your bed.
All of these, are deposited on your bedsheets, accumulating bacteria over time. This buildup of bacteria's can affect our health, causing skin rashes.
To tackle this problem it is recommended to wash or change your beddings ( pillowcase and bedsheets) at least once every 7days depending on the situation. Assuming there have been an illness, it should be more than once.
So how often do you change your bedsheets? Please share to a friend!


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