3 Inspirational Books That Will Keep You Going In 2018

Life can be really tough at times and you feel like giving up on your dreams and goals but what keeps you going is what you believe in and what you keep in your heart.

Personally, I get inspired from reading motivational books that can transform my life. This is the beginning of a new year and January  is over and obviously a lot of us have set some goals and listed out things we would want to achieve this year.

Everyone at some point get so stressed out and they are unable to handle pressure from all around, so what are the best possible solutions you can use in handling these pressures.

Recently, I stumbled upon some really inspiring books recommended by my friend, that spurred me to take actions wherever depression sets in.

All of these books are great and proven to be useful for self improvement.

Man`s Search For Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl The whole concept of human existence was expressed using in experience in different concentration camps.You will be able to relate to it on a…

Lifestyles That Put You At Risk of Breast Cancer

According to an article written by American cancer society, these lifestyles can put you at risk of having breast cancer.
 In my previous post on the early signs of breast cancer, i highlighted the symptoms of breast cancer and that general lifestyle, medications and physical activities, reproductive and menstrual history, alcohol consumption, physical activity, height, weight, family history of the cancer cell etc, can contribute to you being exposed to breast cancer. Lets See how these Lifestyles can put us at risk of having breast cancer.

Nutrient Deficiency and Breast Cancer:
          Not getting enough of the right nutrients in your diets can   increase  your  risk of developing chronic health conditions like breast cancer. Some of the vitamins needed which include Vitamin D and Iodine is important to reduce your chances of having the cancerous cell.  Iron deficiency can cause all sorts of health issues, from fatigue to headaches and shortage of blood. Iron rich food  can help 

Influencer of The Week; Kechi Okwuchi

Hello Friends!
Welcome to our first Influencer of the week!
But before I give you a brief story about the influencer of the week, I want you to sincerely answer this question.
What is one thing you hate about your self that has restricted you from pursuing your dreams? Could it be your height, weight, skin color, you stuttering when you speak, you have a low self esteem? What is that restricting factor that made you gave up?
 I love everything about me except for one thing which I detested, this physical challenge has kept me all bottled up most times, I most times always spend my days either studying or being alone  because I don't want anyone making fun of me.
 Have got a perfect body shape and skin but I have some tribal marks on my face, which had been a restricting factor for my pursuit into the entertainment industry. But after doing a thorough research on MISS KECHI OKWUCHI, I got my confidence back.

photo credits: Kechi Instagram handle.
There is nothing like Impossibility,…

Sleeping Naked Or Wearing Pj's To Sleep. Which Do You Prefer?

How A Friend Made Me Do This Post. Cathy, my crazy friend had called me earlier today to crash at my place. She need to attend a  meeting the following day since the venue was closer to my house. So, I agreed and she said she will be arriving by 9.00 pm.  At exactly 9:00 pm she arrived at my house, she didn't wait for me to welcome her as a guest but just went straight to my kitchen and dished out food. After, a few chit-chat it was time for us to sleep and voila! My girlfriend was already in her "birthday suit", she was naked and wasn't shy about it.
I was so shocked and asked if she didn't come with any pyjamas, she responded saying "I love to breath properly, I can't go killing myself with some damn clothes".

I couldn't say anything, she just looked at me and jumped into the bed asking me to please turn off the light. Image credits:Pixabay and Getty images,
Out of curiosity, I went  back to my computer to do research on sleeping naked. Crazy …

How Often Do You Change Your Bedsheets?

This may sound weird or outrightly stupid but its important to know the health benefits of the seemingly little insignificant things like your bedsheets.
Naturally, when we sleep our bodies sheds dead skin cells whether we shower before sleeping or not. The body also secretes natural oils and obviously sweats which usually increases during summer/ dry season.

Not ruling out beauty products, lotions and any other thing you use before climbing your bed. All of these, are deposited on your bedsheets, accumulating bacteria over time. This buildup of bacteria's can affect our health, causing skin rashes. To tackle this problem it is recommended to wash or change your beddings ( pillowcase and bedsheets) at least once every 7days depending on the situation. Assuming there have been an illness, it should be more than once. So how often do you change your bedsheets? Please share to a friend!

How To Solve The Problem of Information Overload.

Two decades back, information has been never at our fingertips. We had to go through rigorous research to get what we wanted, but time has changed due to the advancement of technology. Everywhere you turned seems to bring you one information piece or the other.
In this digital age we have information at our finger tips 24/7, but in reality the majority of what we  absorb are trending news, negativity and any viral news which we cannot utilize for the future.

Procrastination : The Silent Waster

Putting off what you can do now until another time is a common phenomenon with every human. I am supposed to do this right now but i think it is better I do it later so says the procrastinator.
 Procrastination is very familiar with a lot of people, they repeatedly say they will do a particular thing at a particular time but never get to do it at the said time.
 I remembered the first time I started writing my first book I JUST GOT DUMPED, WHAT DO I DO? It took me 3 whole days to get started. I just couldn't find good reasons to start until I finally got the self motivation to start. I had no clue of how or where to begin but I just did it any way.